Five Reasons To Take Music Lessons This Summer

Summer is here and with that come many questions regarding whether to start or continue music lessons over the summer. While the reasons to continue are numerous, certain ones stand out.

  1. More Time To Practice

Time can be precious during the regular school year with hours of homework, hours of schooling and afterschool sports abound. When summer rolls around, there’s a lot more time to dedicate to hobbies and other activities. Your or your child can now have the time to really make the most of your practice and possibly improve your skill faster than you would during the school year.

2. More Time to Try New Things

During the school year, it can be difficult to jump into a new instrument (or a different one from your usual band or orchestra instrument.) Summer free time gives you a great opportunity to try new instruments without finding yourself tied to one for a whole school year.

3. Maintain Your Skills

It happens in all areas of learning – the big summer break can cause you or your child to lose valuable knowledge and skill because if you don’t use it, you lose it, when it comes to playing an instrument! By continuing music lessons throughout the summer, you can stave off that slump and even improve ahead of your peers in time for school to start.

4. Structure Without the Stress

Children do benefit from having some kind of structure, but it’s nice in the summer time to take a break from the strict rigors of full time schooling. However, summer time music lessons adds a bit of structure and discipline to their days without overwhelming them. This can help them focus better on their music education and give them a creative outlet – no boredom here!

5. Flexible Scheduling

Here at Limelight, we offer a Summer Special to make it easier to continue your music education while factoring in summer activities and vacations. Just pay one flat fee and pick which four or eight days you would like for your lessons through June, July and August, instead of having to miss a scheduled class or makeup that missed time.


We at Limelight hope you’ll consider the benefits of a continuing music education for you or your child this summer!