Instrument Repairs

Instruments in bad repair play poorly or not at all. Life happens. We can fix it. Or, or least we can fix your musical instruments.

  • Rental Instrument Repairs

    If you rent an instrument through Limelight, and you have purchased the Maintenance and Replacement policy, repairs will be made at no cost. And we’ll set you up with a loaner instrument so you won’t miss a beat!

  • Brass and String Instrument Repairs

    Did something just break? Maybe it just needs a tune-up? Or is it so old, you wonder if it’s worth restoring. Bring it in for a complementary examination and we’ll provide a free estimate. With your approval, the repair will be made by trained professionals who will restore your gear to playing condition in just days.

  • Guitar Repairs

    Something doesn’t sound right? Missing a part? Let our professional repair service take a look. It may just need an adjustment, or maybe an affordable repair for an old friend.

  • Restringing Service

    Instrument need a checkup? Not sure how to restring your guitar or violin. Bring it in and for a small fee, plus the cost of strings, you’ll be all tuned up and ready to play.

  • Free Services

    We offer free string cleaning, free guitar tuning, free mouthpiece removal, free instrument evaluation, free advice and free hugs. Plus there’s usually free candy in the lobby.