Private Music Lessons

Music lessons are the core of our offerings. We offer private lessons at affordable monthly rates for most instruments plus vocals. Free from distractions, our studios provide the perfect place to learn music. Regardless of instrument, age, skill level, music style or interests, we can help you grow. All you need is the willingness to learn, the desire to succeed, and a little time each week. Our teachers are dedicated, working musicians who can help make playing music a reality for you. That’s the Limelight difference.

Why Should You Take Music Lessons at Limelight Music School?

Because at Limelight Music School, we believe that the best way to learn to do almost anything is by doing it. This is particularly true about learning to play music. From the moment of enrollment, students at LimeLight Music School are PLAYING music and interacting with other musicians.

And in just months, our students are playing or singing independently, with encouragement and advice from working musicians. What results from this is the best musical education experience possible, combining one-on-one learning, performance and stagecraft. At Limelight Music School, we’re turning out great musicians. That’s because of the unique experiences here that you won’t find anywhere else, because our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, and a distraction-free music environment.

We realize that you have choices when it comes to taking music lessons. And after careful consideration and comparison, we believe that you will come to the decision that Limelight Music School is the best choice around. We don’t believe we are the best because we’re the biggest. Instead, we believe we’re the best because Sykesville-area families and students think we’re the best.

Are all music lessons the same? Things you should know before you sign-up:

  • Limelight offers monthly lessons, at the same time each week, with no long term contracts.
  • We feature talented musicians who are also talented teachers.
  • We offer a professional teaching environment, free of distractions, conducive to stress-free learning.
  • Weekly lessons are offered at different days and times to best suit your needs.
  • Students are able to choose from rock, pop, jazz, classical and many other styles of playing.
  • Instruction available for students as young as five.
  • Multiple instructors available to choose which one fits your learning style and personality.
  • Easy scheduling for more than one family member to take lessons at the same time.
  • Full range of beginner and pro accessories to get the most out of your playing experience.
  • We live and breathe music, and strive to make music FUN!

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