Student Recital!!!

On Sunday May, 17th at 2:00 pm at Springfield Presbyterian Church there will be a student recital. If you are currently a student, be sure to talk to your instructor to get on the line up! This a great way for our students to showcase the skills they have already developed here at Limelight and can serve as a benchmark to see how far they’ve come. Another great effect this can have is building confidence. There aren’t too many music students who learn/develop their talents just to do it, most dream of performing! This is a way to help get you acclimated to the feeling of being on stage, which is a huge part of the performing aspect of music. Lastly, participating in a student recital will show your family and friends how awesome you are, not only for being able to play and instrument or sing a melody, but because you also have the ability to do it all on stage! Just think, one day you could be on a bigger stage, with a bigger venue, where it’s more than just friends and family, it’s adoring fans, and it can all start right here at Limelight Music School.